Plastics: production and processing stages.

Since 2009 Officina Padrin deals with processing and production of plastics, making for its customers plastic products that apply to the electricity sector, in particular home and accessories for bathrooms, Accessories for pressure washers, accessories and components for hookah ice.

Plastic Injection molding. 

Officina Padrin is always attentive to customer requirements, in the production and processing of plastics , performing various types of semi-finished plastic products for different sectors, trying to ensure the highest quality standards.

The machinery and presses of the Officina Padrin perform the molding of semi-finished and finished products, by means of injection molding.The injection molding process and a process of industrial production, among the most used, in which the plastic material, is brought by means of a high temperature and pressure, in the liquid state, is then pushed, by means of injection force, into mold.

When the cooling process is finished, the product is removed from the mold, for the finishing operations of the piece.Thanks to our injection molding techniques for the production of plastic parts it is possible to achieve the highest quality standards on the market.